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  11/25/2006 - Ten To The Fourth!


Yous guys! We have passed ten thousand posts! THAT IS SOOOO WACKYYYYYY!

I gave Patori a copy of Freakonomics as a prize! It is a good book!

//Greg::3:16 AM EST\ #


  11/12/2006 - And We'll Be Awesome

Here's a few Electric Six videos, because Dan requested me to post this stuff here when I told him about them at a party.

Gay Bar

For some reason, they censor the words "nuclear war" with whip-cracks, which is odd. I guess talking about violence is more offensive than gay Lincolns?

Danger! High Voltage

I just like this one so, so much. Maybe it's in the way Dick Valentine enunciates the words, or Jack White doing the back-up vocals. Or, you know, the electric codpiece.

hairs on a bobbin

//Folin::5:32 PM EST\ #


  9/07/2006 -

God damn I wish I had money.

//Greg::5:35 PM EST\ #


  9/03/2006 - Not which show is best, but which badass is badass...est.

Brock Samson vs. Nathan Explosion vs. Korgoth of Barbaria.


//Greg::11:17 PM EST\ #


  8/22/2006 - Oooh damn.

You guys don't even know how awful Coke Blak tastes. If the world ends today and the last thing that i've tasted is this, i'm gonna be pissed.

Bleargh. It does wake you up something fierce, though, which is nice.

//Greg::7:02 AM EST\ #


  8/14/2006 - Holy damn.


I've seen people say stupid shit, but altering one of the most simple and elegant parts of mathematics so that the bible looks logical is pretty dumb.

Also, I start school today.

I am a happy boy nonetheless!

//Greg::7:03 AM EST\ #


  8/12/2006 - Tunak Tunak With A Baseball Bat!

If you have been on the internet for more than 20 mintues in your life, I can guarantee you will recognize at least three phenomena from this song.

Also, you might want to tie up any loose ends soon.

//Greg::5:53 AM EST\ #



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alias: Folin
hobbies: Drawing, playing videogames and other crap.
movies: Clerks. Office Space. Young Frankenstein and anything Mel Brooks.
books: The Count of Monte Cristo.
dislikes: The human need for sleep.

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alias: Greg the Paladin, God-Emporer

hobbies: Writing, Kevin Smith movies, games, and the intarweb homework.
movies: Lots of 'em. List is under revision. Anything Kevin Smith, and anything Tarentino.
books: Anything by William Gibson, Farewell to Arms, Catcher in the Rye.
dislikes: The RIAA, MPAA, FCC, and other acronyms.

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